6 February 2024

MICS is pleased to announce the release of the Trinidad and Tobago 2022 MICS survey findings report, statistical snapshots and datasets.

The Trinidad and Tobago 2022 MICS, conducted from August to December 2022, was a collaborative effort between the Central Statistical Office of Trinidad and Tobago and UNICEF under the Global MICS Programme. Measuring key indicators, the survey provides crucial insights for policymaking, programmes, national development plans and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Detailed methodology and key findings are presented in the accompanying survey findings report and statistical snapshots.



A new portal, datanett.info, and an app were launched alongside the survey results to facilitate data access. The Data NeTT Portal streamlines access to information and data about Trinidad and Tobago, allowing users to query indicator data, visualize it, and create dynamic curated dashboards.


Access the Data NeTT Portal here.


Access the survey findings report here.

Access the statistical snapshots here.

Access the datasets here.


If you are not registered to access available datasets, please register here