By Global MICS Team 14 August 2023

In collaboration with the National Institute of Statistics of Madagascar (INSTAT), the MICS Programme announces availability of the spatial data package for the Madagascar MICS 2018 survey.

The MICS Programme is pleased to announce the release of the spatial data package for the Madagascar MICS 2018 survey, in collaboration with INSTAT. This release is part of a broader effort to enhance the accessibility and usability of survey data for a wider range of stakeholders, aiding in a better understanding of the geographic distribution of survey data.

Researchers interested in accessing this data can now do so easily by sending a request via e-mail to the MICS Team, detailing research objectives. Upon receiving the request, the MICS Team will provide a "Conditions of Use" document that must be completed and signed before data access is granted. These conditions outline the terms of data usage, including restrictions on data sharing, requirements for citing results, and sharing publications with UNICEF and INSTAT.

Spatial data packages can be requested for this survey and any previous release:

Country Survey Year
Kosovo (UNSCR 1244) 2013-2014
Lao PDR 2017
Georgia 2018
Madagascar 2018
Kosovo (UNSCR 1244) 2019-2020
Malawi 2019-2020
Fiji 2021