5 July 2023

Tools reflecting the new architecture of the MICS questionnaires are now available for download.

Since the official launch of the seventh round of MICS on March 2nd, the new round has been rolling out with the series of regional MICS Survey Design workshops.

During the workshops, participants from National Statistics Offices, other government agencies and UNICEF Country Offices are being introduced to a range of tools offered by the MICS Programme, with emphasis on the new questionnaire topics and innovations.

The survey tools pages on the website are currently being populated, beginning with the tools relating to the stage of survey design. Other tools will be uploaded over the course of the year. All tools will be made available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. Registered users will be updated on availability in the automated email notifications – sign up to the MICS Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

The set of relatively short Base questionnaires reflecting the new architecture of the MICS questionnaires are now available for download. Individual surveys will be built by inserting the Complementary Topics into the Base Questionnaires, selecting the topics of national priorities and relevance.

The full list of questionnaire topics can be found here. These directly associate with the central document of the Global MICS Programme: The List of Indicators.

The large set of Complementary Questionnaire Topics listed on the website are already available to survey teams and will progressively be published over the coming months. In addition, the Programme is currently working on the topics listed below:

Expected Timeline
Likely available in 2023 Likely later in 2024 2025 and beyond
  • Displacement
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Material/Housing Deprivation
  • Inclusive Education
  • Child Food Security
  • ICT for Children
  • Mass/Social Media
  • Adult Vaccination
  • Anaemia, Malaria, Blood Lead Testing
  • Bullying