11 February 2015

Datasets from the 2013 Montenegro (National) MICS and the 2013 Montenegro Roma Settlements MICS are now available for download.

As has been the case with the MICS programme for more than a decade, micro datasets can be downloaded free of charge through an online registration page. The two surveys were completed in May, 2013. Interviews were completed in 4052 and 615 households, respectively, in the two surveys.

As in Montenegro and Serbia, a growing number of countries are using MICS to conduct subnational surveys – that is, of particular geographic areas or population groups. The Lebanon MICS (2011), for example, highlights the situation of Palestinian children and women.

In 2010-11 Ghana used MICS to examine the conditions for children in their capital city, and Senegal will do the same in 2015. In 2009 Kenya focused on informal settlements in Mombasa, and counties in other surveys.