26 May 2021

Design of Qatar's second Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey begins.

On April 5th, the State of Qatar`s Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) signed a Partnership Agreement-MoU with the UNICEF Office in Qatar, to complete a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS6) during 2021-2022.

Qatar, a high-income country with a very good administrative system, conducted its first MICS in 2012. Data on many indicators, not available from the admin data system, were generated. This will be Qatar’s second MICS.

The Qatar MICS 2021-2022 MoU will contribute to the broader programme of cooperation between UNICEF and Qatar around children’s rights, including education and inclusion, child protection, child health, skills building and gender. It also seeks to operationalize the Basic Cooperation Agreement entered into between the two parties, which came into effect in December 2019, following the establishment of a UNICEF office in Qatar, which marked a deepening of the partnership between Qatar and UNICEF. Qatar’s continuous commitment to invest in the generation of nationally representative data on children and women is further testament to the importance it gives to evidence-based policies and programmes aimed at strengthening the realization of children’s rights in Qatar.