13 May 2019

Country is on track to release survey results in July 2019.

In line with the usual MICS approach of involving data users in survey report finalization, Costa Rica hosted its “National Workshop for Analysis and Interpretation of MICS Survey Data” from April 2-4th in San José. The workshop focused on Costa Rica 2018 MICS survey, called locally, the “National Survey on Women, Children and Adolescents,” which conducted its data collection between March and May 2018. The survey and workshop was led by the National Statistics and Census Institute, partnering with UNICEF and with participation from 11 government agencies and institutions in the country. 

The workshop had several key results in improving participants’ interaction with the data:/images?job=W1siZiIsIjIwMTkvMDUvMTMvMTYvMDAvNTkvNDU3L3RodW1ibmFpbF9pbWFnZTAwMy5qcGciXV0&sha=19031210f1d0941b

Gathering and revising first impressions of the survey results proved valuable for participating members. These exchanges led to an adequate understanding and interpretation of the data. 

Participating members were given the opportunity to make observations and consult with MICS experts to facilitate future use and analysis of the data. 

Participants designed a preliminary list of key indicators of interest for relevant stakeholders, which were essential in the drafting of key messages to be included in the final survey report. 

The workshop was essential in improving participants’ understanding of the relationship between MICS tables and terminology commonly used in the country. 

The survey is currently in its data analysis stage, with results publication planned for July 2019.