17 July 2017

The second MICS6 Data Processing Workshop is underway


Survey teams from Algeria, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Lesotho, Pakistan, Suriname, Chad, The Gambia and Tunisia gathered together from 12-19 July to attend a Data Processing workshop organized collaboratively by the UNICEF Tunisia country office, UNICEF MENA Regional Office and UNICEF HQ. 

Country survey teams were introduced to the MICS Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) system as they worked closely with data processing experts on efficient customization of  data collection programs and tools.  Participants also had the opportunity to become familiar with the SPSS software package for data analysis.

The meeting was facilitated by the UNICEF HQ data processing team, with the support of MICS regional coordinators and data processing experts. The agenda and list of participants will be available for download on the Data Processing Workshops page by the end of the workshop.