3 December 2019

New workshops train participants on how to further analyse MICS data on education and multidimensional poverty.

Continuing its tradition of capacity-building through regional and global workshops, the global MICS team has launched a new series of workshops tailored towards the further analysis of MICS data. The workshops – MICS Education Analysis for Global Learning and Equity (MICS EAGLE) workshop and MICS Multidimensional Poverty (MICS MDP) workshop – aimed at improving the analysis and use of MICS data in the two sectors. Both recently held in Bangkok, Thailand, the workshops brought together a cross-section of over 100 national government officials and UNICEF staff. Participants produced new, country-specific analyses that went beyond the typical analyses seen in MICS Survey Findings reports.

In the MICS EAGLE workshop, participants produced in-depth analyses of indicators with the objective of understanding equity in education. They produced profiles of the children who are most disadvantaged in each country as well as the total numbers of disadvantaged children. These analyses were contextualized within the country policy framework which led to new policy ideas for addressing inequalities in the education system. Country participants also identified additional analysis needs and prepared plans for national MICS EAGLE workshops, where more detailed policy responses can be discussed.

The MICS MDP workshop, which was supported by UNDP, trained participants on how to generate distinct measures of multidimensional poverty using MICS data. Participants produced estimates of multidimensional poverty, along with headcounts and severity of different measures. Participants also examined how different outcome indicators for children behaved using different measures of multi-dimensional poverty.

In 2020, the MICS EAGLE and MDP workshops will be held again for countries which were unable to participate in the 2019 workshops. In the coming year, additional topics for new thematic further analysis workshops will also be added.


Further information is available on the MICS workshops page.