19 October 2018

We join the DHS Program and the world of household surveys in mourning the death of Bernard Barrère, Deputy Director of the DHS Program.


/images?job=W1siZiIsIjIwMTgvMTAvMTkvMTgvMjAvMDMvNzY5L0Jlcm5hcmRfcGhvdG8uanBnIl1d&sha=a0baa4ca8e7ef27b An esteemed colleague and friend, Bernard was key to our long-standing collaboration with the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program - in our efforts to harmonize the two survey programmes, in exchanging views on best practices, and in sharing ideas on how the world of household surveys was moving forward.  We worked closely with Bernard at the country level: He was our DHS counterpart who supported various components of MICS surveys in Western and Central Africa and elsewhere, such as Guinea, Central African Republic and Lao PDR. We especially remember the support he provided us on HIV testing and malaria modules.

Attila Hancioglu, Global MICS Coordinator, recalls, "Some of us knew and worked with Bernard for more than two decades, and we are shocked by the news. He leaves behind a legacy of immaculate professionalism and tireless work ethic but above all, we will always remember Bernard for his good heart and warmth."

We extend our deepest sympathies to Bernard’s family and the DHS Program. 

The Global MICS Team