1 October 2018

Kick-starting the process for customizing the Thailand MICS6 questionnaires


/images?job=W1siZiIsIjIwMTgvMTAvMDEvMTUvMzAvMjUvMTc2L1RoYWlsYW5kLk1JQ1Mud29ya3Nob3Auc3RvcnlfMi5qcGciXV0&sha=b88e10946df9e83fOrganized during the 20th-24th of August, the workshop took place in Bang Sean, just a 1.5 hour
ride away from Bangkok. Technical experts from government agencies and academia gathered to provide initial inputs to the standard MICS6 modules.The five-day intensive workshop was organized around three key presentations and activities.

Presentations about the MICS programme, its sampling framework and the modules

The first day started with an overview of the MICS programme and covered topics such as sampling methodology, a timeline of activities and the use of MICS for Sustainable Development Goal monitoring. The National Statistical Office and UNICEF, including the global and regional MICS team, guided participants through the structure of the survey modules and options for customization.                                                                    Presentation on issues related to adolescents by UNICEF staff member

The key issues facing children and women in Thailand

Sectoral experts from the provincial government offices and UNICEF colleagues presented on key issues and topics facing children and women in Thailand. The presentations provided a context for the measurement of MICS indicators in relation to national priorities and available evidence.

Group discussion and feedback

Considerable time was spent in group discussions which allowed participants to give feedback and discuss within a cross-sectoral group how the questionnaires can be best customized to the Thailand context.

With the inputs received from the group work and presentation, Thailand is now ready to head towards a questionnaire customization process in the coming weeks which will be used for data collection next year.


                                                                   Participants on the first day, with the Director of NSO