2 August 2018

MICS is now teaming up with IPUMS at the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation (ISDRI), University of Minnesota.

The IPUMS Team is a proven leader in data harmonization and archival work, with unique expertise and more than two decades of experience in developing standardized data projects. Currently, there are nine harmonization projects that the IPUMS team is developing and maintaining; including IPUMS USA, a harmonized dataset of individual-level samples of the U.S. censuses from 1850-2010 and the American Community Survey from 2000 onwards; IPUMS International, including census microdata covering more than 100 countries, and IPUMS DHS, which produces harmonized datasets of nationally representative Demographic and Health Surveys, among others.

The MICS-IPUMS partnership will support our ongoing work on the development of the MICS Tabulator prototype, a web based data analysis platform that will allow fast, easy, in-depth, and comparative research across time and countries. Our collaboration will result in the development of harmonized MICS data to populate the MICS Tabulator Prototype, in addition to producing tools for harmonized MICS datasets as part of the IPUMS MICS Project.